Data Science for
Health and Wellness Industry
AI-Powered solutions to increase Retention, Up-sell and Net Promoter Score
To increase retention, Reunify RETENTION identifies high-risk members and provides personalized insights for successful member engagements.
Reunify UPSELL
To enhance your ability to increase the up-sell of your services, Reunify UPSELL recommends personalized products and services for individual members.
Reunify FEEDBACK, our kiosk platform, provides real-time notifications, enabling staff to address member concerns before they become issues.

Your Members

REUNIFY allows you to segment your members by their loyalty to
your brand and whether they are at-risk of leaving you. This
allows an operator or staff member to address "at-risk" member
concerns quickly and effectively before they cancel.

Susan is at a high risk for canceling within the next 3 months.

Susan has potential to promote your club, use more services and spend more money.

REUNIFY also includes 12 other key data points about Susan such
as Susan's persona, interests, next visit, companionship etc.

with Your Members

Reunify’s member insights, member personas, member Life-Time
Value, and member interests predictive analytics facilitates a more
enriched engagement with your members.

Susan comes to workout almost every day and she really loves Shannon's Yoga classes. She is frustrated that she cannot sign up due to conflicts with her schedule. REUNIFY helps the club’s staff to become aware of Susan’s needs and provide her with appropriate solutions which results in a stronger relationship with Susan.
Your Relationships

REUNIFY helps you redefine your relationships
with your members in order to boost retention, improve
customer satisfaction and increase revenue.

  • Deeper understanding of member's persona and interest
  • Enriching member engagement with actionable sight
  • Personalized recommendations by uncovering member’s preferences.

Retention Customer Service Revenue

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