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Reunify is revolutionizing the whole science of customer engagement, while helping organizations realize incredible improvements in customer retention, loyalty and satisfaction!

We collect and merge many data sources (household, synthetic research data, social media, etc.) with your CRM to add hundreds of additional data points to your customer profile - information such as income level, shopping habits, important affiliations, satisfaction levels, etc. Reunify then applies novel predictive modeling analytics to discover hidden patterns. This enables you to identify and reach out to your high value/high risk clients in real time, armed with valuable information to help improve their levels of engagement and satisfaction and realize a significant ROI for your organization.

Reunify is led by top visionary, customer service strategists and technologists. It is headquartered in Sherman Oaks (Los Angeles), California and backed by a top private equity firm.
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October 30, 2015
Senior Software Engineer
November 15, 2015
Product Manager, UI/UX Designer
December 5, 2015
Software Engineer
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