Next Generation Member Engagement
The Power of
Predictive Technology

PULSE enables your employees to have the right conversation with the right customer at the right time. We call this PULSE Intercept. PULSE makes it possible to have a genuine, face-to-face conversation with your customers and address their potential issues before they cancel (or leave a negative online review).

PULSE ranks members based on risk scores so that you can be selective in engaging with members.
PULSE allows your team to have strategic, relevant conversations with at-risk members by providing critical behavioral information, including interests, lifetime value, risk level, disposable income, etc.
Keep your members from leaving by presenting them with personalized offers, including special discounts, a new targeted service, or an extra care package. After each conversation, your team can tag a member record as “Good to Go” or “Need Attention” with any additional details that might help improve retention for other similar members.
Solution Impact
Member Retention
45% improvement in retention for
Intercepted members
Reunify's predictive model identifies at-risk members and provides the opportunity to intercept them early in the process.
Frequency of Visits
55% of members visited more
often up to 200%
Having relevant conversations with the right members at the right time increases the frequency of their visits to the club, boosting members satisfaction and onsite spending.
Onsite Spending
50% boost to onsite spending
after Interception
When you know all you need to know about vital members, you can treat each one like a VIP and cater to their specific interests and neds. The result? They come in more often and spend more money.
Targeted Promotions & Upsells
Up to 40% boost in
Reduce your promotional costs by delivering targeted incentives to individual customers as opposed to costly blanket promotions. With a deep understanding of each member's spending habits, you can target and maximize your relationship with each member without overtaxing them.
Customer Satisfaction
Improved NPS score
up to 70%
The Reunify platform provides an easy, streamlined way for members to open up to managers and employees about their frustrations or suggestions.
Consumer Insights
30x more member data than any
other platform
Reunify's integrated platform provides a high-level view of multiple data sources, synthesized in a way that's both easy to read and easy to take action upon.
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