Member Retention
Bringing Your
Members To Life

Reunify RETENTION brings the power of AI to aid organizations in identifying members who are likely to attrit.

Reunify RETENTION's AI-Powered technology identifies members who have high markers for attrition early in their membership, allowing operators to pro-actively address issues with those members.
Reunify RETENTION’s predictive analytics provides staff with unparalleled insights into member personas member interests, member CRM to help them better prepare for a member engagement.
Reunify RETENTION will help your staff improve on their service efforts and significantly increase member satisfaction and tenure.
Solution Impact
Member Lifetime Value
Increase member lifetime value
Reunify RETENTION provides you and your staff with the ability to increase your retention which directly impacts the value per member and brand loyalty for your organization.
Member Retention
Improve member retention
Members who are more satisfied with your clubs’ outreach efforts and staff are less likely to attrit.
Visit Frequency
Increase visit
Reunify RETENTION allows your staff to continuously engage with your members and keep them coming into your facilities.
Onsite Spending
Higher onsite spending
The more time your members spend in your facility, the more likely they will spend more.
Member Satisfaction
Increase net promoter score
The more you engage and listen to your members, the more satisfied they will be with the club’s overall care and performance.
Incremental Revenue
Increase revenue
Reunify RETENTION discovers hidden problems with your members, allowing you to engage with them in order to retain them for longer durations. If they stay longer you will see your dues revenue increase by maintaining your current member base.
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