We bring data science to
member engagement
| integration
We link and integrate all of your data sources to each other and to our unique database.
We look at all data sources in your CRM, transactional data and business data to identify your most vital data sources in understanding your customer and for better engagement. Next, we link and integrate these data sources to our unique database.
| enrichment
We reinforce your CRM with data specific to retention and upselling
We enhance and enrich your CRM by linking all of your data sources to our unique customer database, including household, geo-spatial, census, behavior, opinion and social media data. We give you an exclusive, unobstructed window into your universe of customers by providing data that matters - when it matters most.
Predictive Modeling: RISK
Client is interested to determine customer RISK: "The probability that a member cancels their membership, or switches to another brand in next three months".
Data Points Collected and Analysis
Reunify looks at wide variety of data sources to determine RISK. By analyzing more than 150 signals from your CRM, external databases and the proprietary Reunify database. Our platform applies novel machine learning techniques to predict customer churn, identify at-risk members, and target unidentified high-value segments.
Actionable Insights Provided
PULSE identifies high-risk customers and alerts you well in advance. With the right data about your at-risk members, you can re-engage genuinely with the most vital ones and have a face-to-face conversation before you lose their business permanently.
| discovery
We mine a wide variety of data
sources to discover hidden patterns
in your customers' behavior.
We have developed advanced statistical and artificial intelligence techniques to build personalized predictive models tailored to understand your customers' complex behavior. We comb through terabytes of data to discover such hidden patterns.
Conversation with Customer
"Jane comes to work out almost every day, but she really loves Shannon's Yoga classes. She is frustrated she cannot sign up all the time though. Because the front desk staff has built a strong relationship with her using Pulse, she is more willing to share her building frustrations about the sign-up service. Now, the front desk staff knows to help her with this process."
Data Points Collected
  • Jane likes Yoga, likes group activities and goes to Yoga group class
  • Jane likes fitness and workout, she is a happy member and shares her compliments and complaints with staff
  • Jane goes to Gym on Weekdays, almost everyday, in the mornings and on Wednesdays
  • Course offerings are good and the front desk staff are doing great. Jane is not happy
Actionable Insights Provided
  • Jane's Interest: Yoga, Group Activities, Juice Bar, Morning Workouts
  • Jane's Current Mood: Negative
  • Jane's Segment: High lifetime value, At-Risk, high-value, Engaged Member, Low share of wallet
  • The Right Offer for Jane: Discount, New Sign Up Service, Affordable Product Options
| Analysis
We analyze data to understand your customers' behavior - so you don't have to.
We have developed advanced statistical and artificial intelligence techniques to build personalized predictive models tailored to understanding your customer's complex behaviors. Terabytes of data are synthesized, simplified, and plugged directly into an easy-to-read online report - available anytime, anywhere.
| Achievement
Give your team the data they need to make an immediate impact
Whether you are a small business, mid-size corporation or
Fortune 500 company, we deliver immediate and
actionable insights across all levels of your organization.
Our mission is to enable your leadership to make decisions
that are smarter, faster and more efficient.
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