Reunify is closing the loop in member engagement for large and small Clubs, Boutique Fitness Studios and Enterprise Operators. Start today with no commitment.

Increase member acquisition, improve engagement, streamline support and retain high value members.


Convert more of your prospects and site visitors with Fy 24/7 Concierge. Even bring back old members! 


AI driven Fy 24/7 Concierge can serve your members’ needs knowing them better with or without a call center. 


Use Reunify AI to keep your members longer by having genuine engagements, both in person or through automations.


With our other state of the art tools, close the loop in member engagement. Let us help you achieve your goals and grow!



Decrease in Attrition


increase in retention


increase in visit frequency


increase in spending

re-discover your members

Reunify’s AI-powered solutions to discover everything about your members. Reunify predicts member risk, life-time value, interests, personas, share of wallet and many more data points quickly and effectively. 

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Susan is highrisk, she’s likely to cancel within the next 3 months.

Susan has potential to use more services and spend more money.

Based on Susan’s latest feedback, she’s not happy with the club.

re-shape your customer service

Reunify Fy 24/7 Concierge is the ultimate chatbot for your fitness business. Fy can address your members’ frequent issues or questions and engage with your prospects. Our unique, state-of the-art virtual agent has been built specifically for the health and fitness industry by our data scientists and industry experts.

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24/7 Customer Service

You can engage with your member anytime, anywhere to better serve their needs. Acquire new members, serve & support them better and keep the most vital ones.

Integration & Automation

Our deep integration with your member services platform make authentication and automation easy.

re-define your relationship

Reunify helps you redefine your relationships by paying more attention to millennials and the gig economy. We provide effortless communication channels to engage with them. Reunify Feedback, our in-club platform, provides real-time notifications, enabling staff to address member concerns before they become issues.

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Instant Feedback

Enjoy QR code based feedback at any location of your club (Kiosk option is also available)

Social Media Update

Update your social media automatically with every positive and exciting comment.

re-engage with the most vital ones

Reunify member insights provides you with the ability to segment your members based on myriad factors such as: risk level, lifetime value, interest, persona and other factors, to engage with members  on the right channel, and with a tailored message.

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Face-to-Face at the club

Engage in person with members to discuss issues, goals, interests services and their progress.

Text & Via Social Media

Engage with text, email, phone or social media.

Lists & Campaigns

Engage by creating custom segmentation member lists for automated campaigns and member engagement.

re-invent your business

Reunify’s dashboard is your all-in-one tool to monitor every aspect of your business. We can link your business’ different data sources and provide you with a holistic view of your operations.

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Your Business KPIs

Monitor your business’ KPIs, integrated to all your discrete software solutions that are sources of data, displayed in one place.

Reunify KPIs

Monitor Retention, Attrition Customer Satisfaction, user performance. You can even monitor operational performance of Reunify tools in real-time.

unmatched features

Advanced Analytics

Get state-of-the-art predictive analytics for your member intelligence and make better decisions for your business.

Integration with 15+ major platforms

Reunify integrates with major software providers in CMS, CRM and Marketing Automation. 

50+ Reports

Get the reports you’re looking for, view them on your mobile device, export them in CSV file format, email them to you or your team, or send them to another software solution you like to use.

Automated Campaigns

Reach the right members at the right time with automated campaigns for defined member segments.


Reunify Chatbot: Your 24/7 Concierge

Reunify Chatbot, FY, is your ultimate digital assistant to attract customers on your website and social media, provides customer service and retain your members. 

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