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Our AI-powered, automated platform empowers you to build strategic marketing campaigns and engage with your members distinctly. Simply find the right segment with Reunify analytics and craft the right message to your audience.



Build custom segments that you are interested in engaging with.


Craft the right message to go to the right audience.


Pick the right channel to engage with your members.

Add your custom lists to target the right segment of your members. You can easily use any of integrated solution to create your campaigns.

endless opportunities

You can build any segment of members within a few minutes. We provides wide variety of member attributes provided by Reunify AI engine to build your favorite segment.

Segment: High Risk High Value

Example: GM is interested to target the following segment:

  •  Risk: High
  • Value: High
  • Gender: Female
  • Club usage: Less often
  • Persona: Spender
  • Interest: Yoga

GM makes the segments and runs the campaign within few minutes. 

GM has the capability to measure the efficacy  of the campaign in retention curves. 

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