How does member engagement correlate directly to higher retention?

In a 2015 scholarly study published by IHRSA, Dr. Paul Bedford investigated several large health club chain operators and came to the determination that if an organization conducts at least 8 engagements per month, that those efforts would directly translate into one member being saved from attrition.

How is Reunify different from any of the other retention solutions that have been around?

Reunify stands alone in the manner in which we leverage data science and artificial intelligence to solve the long standing business challenges around retention and customer behaviors in the health and fitness space. No other provider in the industry has the algorithms and expertise required to tackle these issues.

What are the predictive analytics?

Cancellation Risk Score, member personas, member interests, members’ next visit, share of wallet, lifetime value and companionship.

Do I need to hire new staff?

No, the product was designed with the understanding that hiring new staff would be cost prohibitive.

What does the on-boarding process look like?

Depending on the size of your organization, the implementation process can take as little as two weeks to 45 days. Getting your clubs live does not require any heavy lifting from your IT staff and no data conversions. We will provide turn-key professional services and high-quality training for your key stakeholders.

We identify at risk by monitoring visit frequency. Is there more into it?

Yes, much more. Member visit frequency is only one factor in overall cancellation risk. Our predictive analytics for member cancellation is the result of more than a decade of research and development.

Does it impact visit frequency?

Yes, the more you are engaged with your members and the more relevancy you have in their lives, will result in deeper relationships with your members and a noticeable increase in visits to the club.

Does it impact in-club spending?

It does. By having members in your clubs with greater frequency, members have additional opportunities to spend more money while they are at the club.

How does it impact our net promoter score?

By addressing member concerns in real-time, and before the concerns turn into issues, we help you move the needle on member satisfaction substantially.

Which of my systems can you tie into?

Reunify can support a wide array of integrations with most any member platform you may be employing.

How hard is it for my staff to learn and use?

Reunify has a simple, easy to use interface. You can learn the system in a half-hour and be highly proficient in its’ use. Reunify takes the time and effort to ensure that all of your identified staff have thorough training, we tend to take a “train the trainer” approach so your own staff can act as “super-users”.

What is the pricing model?

Our pricing model is a monthly fee per location.

WHy it works 

This party Industry well known Dr. Paul Bedford Study on Effect of Member Interaction

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