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Introducing Reunify Chatbot: FY 

Building the future of customer service

At Reunify we believe Virtual Agents are the future of customer service. Whether you have a call center for your customer support, sale or to address internal issues the new virtual agents can address your need and scale up fast. Smart chatbots can address several frequent issues of your customers while virtual agents are smart enough to transfer to human being when it’s needed. Our unique and novel virtual agent platform is built for fitness industry by people from the same industry with deep experience. 

Hi, my name is FY, I am your 24/7 concierge.


FY engages with all of your prospects and offers them your club services and answers questions about your business.


FY answers all of the frequent members questions and act as a 24/7 concierge and transfers customers to a live agent (optional) at the right time.


FY authenticates members in advance and crafts the right message for each segment of your customer base (e.g. high risk, high value ).

Fy features


Smart Dialogue

Fy talks to your customers online to answer any potential questions they have in real-time. They follow human logic to understand your customers issues and to assist. 

Knowledge Base Integration

We have integrated with your CMS provider (e.g. ABC Financials, Motionsoft, Mindbody, etc) to detect and provide the right answer to your customers.

Warm Transfer to Humans

If Fy cannot address your customer issue it will be transferred to human being with relevant information to save agent time and to make it a genuine conversation.

Fy on your website

Fy integrates with your club website to engage with your club members as well as prospects.

Fy on your social media pages

As our omni channel approach, our chatbots also comes with social media platform such as Facebook messenger and Instagram to cover every segment of your member base.

Fy ultimate Integration

Fy is integrated with all of your CMS , sales and marketing tools to provide a unique experience to your members and give your staff a break. 

Take your customer service to the next level with Reunify ultimate virtual agent. Our AI driven chatbot technology can reduce your customer service effort up to 40%.

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